Code of Conduct

Principle One: Shared Responsibility

This principle reminds us that ethical business conduct is the responsibility of every BCBSNE employee. To maintain our reputation for honesty and fair dealing, it is important that we all help each other. If we don’t know how to handle an issue, we are expected to talk to our manager, Human Resources, Compliance or call our Ethics and Compliance hotline.

Principle Two: Safe and Respectful Workplace

How we treat each other in our daily work is as important as how we treat our customers and business partners. Be respectful and treat everyone equally and fairly. We value unique perspectives.

Principle Three: Honest and Fair Business Dealings

We must avoid conflicts of interest that could influence our actions to the detriment of BCBSNE. We must engage in fair and ethical competition and always provide truthful and accurate information to our customers, business partners, and the public.

Principle Four: Protect Assets and Information

We must be good stewards of all assets and ensure all of our information is properly used, shared, stored, and destroyed. We must use company assets for business purposes.

Principle Five: Compliance with Laws

It is everyone’s responsibility to follow applicable state and federal laws, regulations, and requirements. We owe a special obligation to the government and the public to ensure the highest degree of integrity.