Cady Elected President of Omaha Press Club

Growing up in the late ‘60s, Marcia Cady had a front row seat to watch the political unrest of the time unfold. Constant coverage of news like Watergate, Nixon’s impeachment and the Vietnam War sparked a desire in many people to go out and seek the truth; the desire to talk to people affected. Marcia was one of them. 

“I’m naturally inquisitive,” she said. “I want to know what’s going on and how people are responding.”

This curiosity and hunger for information that drew Marcia into the field of journalism is the same reason it’s kept her in the media arena for most of her professional career.

Today, Marcia is the BCBSNE marketing manager of media relations. But in addition to this, she recently stepped into the role of president of the Omaha Press Club. As president, she’s in charge of promoting the Club to the public, increasing membership, hosting events and running board meetings.

But beyond these responsibilities, Marcia wants to focus on informing the local journalists, public relations professionals and business leaders that the OPC is available to serve them.

“It’s a space that recognizes freedom of speech and welcomes the sharing of differing opinions,” Marcia said.

Having spent almost 40 years in television news and public relations, Marcia’s experiences have provided her with the skills and expertise needed for this new role and her current job at BCBSNE. From planning the answers to questions she anticipates will be asked, to distinguishing what is and isn’t news – Marcia knows the importance of being prepared.

Claudia Bohn, vice president of the OPC, foresees this knowledge also serving her well as OPC president.

“Her experience as a journalist is so valuable because she understands the importance of building relationships between the media, PR folks and those in other career fields,” Claudia said. “She knows the Omaha Press Club is a jewel in this community and wants people, of all ages and careers, to experience all that it has to offer.”

It’s the OPC’s mission to promote excellence in communications and media professions in the community. Witnessing first-hand how the field of journalism has drastically changed over the decades, as the sharing of information grew more digital and news moved to the 24 hour news cycle, Marcia knows this mission is more pertinent than ever.  
“There really is no time for a reporter to gather the news and put it in a perspective that will share both sides of the piece they’re delivering,” Marcia said. “They are constantly being asked to tweet and go live on Facebook and go live period, while also making sure there’s stuff on the website.” Marcia continued, “How can any young person have a perspective of what is going on when they are constantly being asked to deliver information? Do they have time to even check if it’s the truth?”

Further, in the age of information overload, being a smart consumer of information is essential. Marcia shares two tips on how to do this:

1. Don’t use Facebook as your only news source – while there’s an aversion to larger news sources, they do have principles, fact check and try to share both sides of an issue
2. Be more discerning and don’t take everything you read for gospel – there’s always another side to a story and you need to go and look for it, especially if you’re going to espouse an opinion

Overall, Marcia wants to see good journalism come back into the media, an effort she hopes to emphasize during her year as OPC president. 
“It really is the fourth estate,” Marcia said. “We have to have a free media for democracy to work.”

Thank you for your involvement in the community and the OPC, Marcia. We are honored to have you at BCBSNE!



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