BCBSNE Supports Employees in State Games of America

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska is proud to sponsor 17 employees in what will be the largest State Games of America yet. The number of entries exceeds a record breaking 14,500 with registration still being open for some events. Most competitions are set to begin Friday in and around Lincoln and Omaha in place of the annual Cornhusker State Games, and conclude on August 2.

All Nebraska residents are eligible to participate along with participants from other states who have earned a medal at their state games in the past two years. 

BCBSNE employees will be participating in an array of events ranging from swimming and running to adventure racing and archery. 
For many employees, the sport they’re participating in began as a hobby before it became competitive.

This is the case for Test Engineer Dan Barry who began hunting with a bow and arrow over 30 years ago and did some archery in college. This will be Barry’s eighth year shooting in the State Games where he’s earned several silver medals. However, this year Barry said he’s hoping to take home a gold.

Another BCBSNE competitor, Manager of Consumer Sales Nicole Rossitto, is ready to run her way to the finish line in the 10 mile road race. After beginning to run about two years ago, Rossitto finished her first half marathon earlier this year and has two more planned for later in 2015.

“I am excited to be able to participate in a 10 mile run.  Typically, you see 5k, 10k and so on, yet rarely do you see a 10 mile run,” Rossitto said. “The scheduling is in perfect alignment with my training schedule for the half marathons.”

Rossitto isn’t the only one staying active this year. Account Implementation Specialist Derek Wakefield will be competing in the State Game’s Adventure Race. Adventure racing is a combination of two or more endurance disciplines that can include skills like running, biking, climbing, weight lifting, etc. 

Derek has competed in a number of popular fitness challenges including a Warrior Dash, Tough Mudder and Zombie Run. His favorite part about competing in Adventure Races is the excitement and variety it offers.

“It’s challenging, fun and there are a lot of different activities involved. Plus it’s interesting working as a team and competing with the other teams,” Wakefield said.

To prepare for the races, Wakefield mixes up his routine with running, biking, Cross Fit, yoga and more.

BCBSNE is impressed by all of our employees for pushing themselves to be physically active and involved in the community. Follow us on Twitter to stay updated on when BCBSNE employees will be competing! Good luck to all of our participants!



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