BCBSNE Partnering to Improve Patient Care

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska (BCBSNE) is one of many partners of Kearney Clinic introducing a new treatment model for patients with hypertension and type-2 diabetes.

Other partners include the University of Nebraska Medical Center, Walgreens and the Nebraska Health Information Initiative (NeHii).

The new model, a two-year program funded by a National Association of Chain Drug Stores Foundation grant, seeks to improve patient care by increasing communication between community pharmacists and physicians.

The program will look at what happens after a patient visits his or her doctor at Kearney Clinic. Walgreens pharmacists will fill prescriptions for program participants and provide a comprehensive medication review to address any patient questions or concerns, identify possible interactions and help improve adherence.

The program will track participants' activity and progress. Pharmacists will offer free blood pressure testing each time medications are picked up and track those results for each patient. They will also notify the patient's doctor if refills are picked up late or not at all.

The project will use NeHII, a statewide bilateral information sharing portal, which will allow physicians and community pharmacists to safely and easily share data across clinical settings.   

NeHii has become the State of Nebraska’s “designated entity” for the exchange of electronic medical records between health care delivery providers throughout the state. BCBSNE continues to work to bring additional health plans into participation with this positive system for the reduction of medical treatment errors and improvement of health care delivery quality throughout the state.

For more information, contact Nathan Odgaard, (402) 982-6528.