57,000 Walk at Lunch; $8,000 Donated for Trails

OMAHA (May 1, 2013) – Tens of thousands of Nebraskans showed their commitment to a healthy lifestyle April 24 by participating in Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska’s (BCBSNE) National Walk at Lunch Day.

For the seventh year in a row, BCBSNE encouraged businesses, schools, government agencies, nonprofits and individuals to walk for 30 minutes on the last Wednesday of April.

And Nebraskans responded. More than 57,000 across the state signed up on BCBSNE’s website either as part of an organization or individually.

More than 360 organizations participated. In doing so, an $8,000 donation was made to the Nebraska Game and Parks Foundation for biking and hiking trails. BCBSNE contributed $20 for every organization that registered, and generated money through other promotions.

“Walk at lunch day was a huge success this year,” said Rob Trebilcock, BCBSNE’s director of community engagement.  “More people than ever committed to walking, and with help from Nebraska organizations we were able to support the Game and Parks Foundation and our state’s trails system.”

National Walk at Lunch Day promotes the importance of walking as one way Nebraskans can get and stay active for the health of it.

To promote regular walking and exercise after Walk at Lunch Day, BCBSNE offers its WalkingWorks Corporate Challenge for all businesses across Nebraska.

For questions or to participate, people can contact Kathy Nellor, BCBSNE’s business wellness consultant, at Kathy.nellor@nebraskablue.com or 402-982-7777.

For more information, contact Nathan Odgaard, (402) 982-6528.