The Alert component is used to provide a notification message under the Main Navigation that can (optionally) be closed by the user.

  • Checkbox - Include Close Button
    • Includes the close "x" in the upper right corner making the alert dismissable
    • If not checked, the alert will not be dismissable and remain static on the page
  • Days until Alert Returns When Closed
    • Enter a numerical value for the number of days when the alert should reappear
  • Checkbox - Alert will not reappear once Closed
    • Check this box for the alert to not reappear once it is dismissed
    • If not checked, the alert will reappear once the user navigates to the next page
  • Contextual CSS Class
    • Default (no selection)
    • Danger
    • Info
    • Primary
    • Success
    • Warning
Use - Site Wide (Global)

The default "Global" Alert for the site is full-width therefore we use a Background Section with a specific class of .background-alert to set the background color and do not set a contextual class on the Alert component.

This implementation is set on the Global Base Layout and should only be managed within the Content Editor.
Use - All Others
Example - No Close "x"
Examples - Contextual Class