The Button component allows you create a pre-styled button to link within the site, to an an external link, or to a Modal Window.

  • Button Text
  • Button Link
  • Button Size (Default button size (medium) will be used if no size selected)
    • Large Button
    • Small Button
    • Extra Small Button
  • Checkbox - Full Width Button
    • Check if you want the button to fill the width of the component
  • Checkbox - Display as Hyperlink
    • Check for default link styling
  • Modal Window Target
    • navigate to the Modal Window object you want to open
  • Contextual CSS Class
    • Default (no selection)
    • Danger
    • Info
    • Primary
    • Success
    • Warning
  • CSS Class
  • Style
Examples - Button Size
Large Medium Small Extra Small
Example - Display as Hyperlink
Example - Full Width
Full Width
Examples - Contextual Class