I sit within a Container (default)


Use a Container component for a parent containing element to wrap site contents and house the grid system (rows).

Grid components (such as a row / advanced row or container) do not create a Sitecore object and are for layout purposes only.
  • Checkbox - Fluid
    • Check for a full-width container — adds container-fluid class
  • CSS Class
  • Style
Container (default)

The default container uses the container class. This class limits the content width area to conform to standard bootstrap widths for various breakpoints.

  • Large
    • @min-width:1170px / 1170px
  • Desktop
    • @min-width:992px / 970px
  • Tablet
    • @min-width:768px / 750px
  • Phone
    • @min-width:320px / 100%
Container (fluid)

Check the Fluid checkbox for a full-width container — adds container-fluid class. In some areas of the site, we use nested containers which means we first add a container-fluid (for example, for a full-width image in the hero placeholder) and then we place an additional container within the container-fluid to contain contents (for example, the hero Title). See the example in the Hero area above.