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Example - Main Landing

Small Group Plans

You’re on the search for the best coverage for your employees and we have a variety of options just right for your business of 2-50 team members. Explore them all and choose what works best for the employees you value most.  

Example - Sub Landing

Manage Medications

Your medications are important for keeping your health under control. That’s why we’re committed to providing you with the valuable information you need to comfortably and confidently manage your prescription drug purchases.

Estimate Costs

Health care prices shouldn’t take you by surprise. From our cost estimator to our Find a Doctor tool, we’re here to help you understand the factors that influence the cost of care. Learn more about our tools that make it easy take control of your health and your budget. 

Request Preauthorization

The relationship between you and your doctor is key to maintaining your health and our mission is to fully support it. In doing so, at times we may request a preauthorization to ensure the care you’re getting is covered by your plan.

Example - Agent

Brad Utoft

Director of Group Sales
Specialties: Large, Mid, and Small Group, National Accounts

Example - Bio

Steven H. Grandfield

President & Chief Executive Officer

Susan Courtney

Executive Vice President, Operations, Business Process & Shared Services

Dale Mackel

Executive Vice President, Finance & Administration

Dr. Joann Schaefer

Executive Vice President, Health Delivery Engagement

Example - Webinar
September 2018

Small Group 2019 Product Updates

In order to prepare you and your small group clients for 2019, we hosted a webinar to inform you on important product updates. Register for this webinar--> Slide Deck (PDF) Questions and Answers
March 2018

Keeping Your Wellness Program Legal

Learn about legal regulations in regards to wellness programs that you are selling.  Slide Deck