Media List

The Media List component is used to list a directory of documents stored in the Media Library.

  • Media Folder
    • For this example, the following folder is selected:
      • Media Library > Files > NebraskablueDotCom > MediaListExample > Providers
    • Title Label
    • Type Label
    • Date Label
    • Checkbox - Show Header
    • Checkbox - Disable Sorting
    • Checkbox - Show Type Column
    • Checkbox - Show Date Column
    • Checkbox - Show Category Column
      • The Category name will output as the Parent folder name within the Media Library
      • For this example, the file structure is as follows:
        • Media Library > Files > NebraskablueDotCom > MediaListExample > Providers > Utilization Management > [document]
    • Media List Class
    • Media List Style
Type Title Date Category
Behavioral Health Outpatient Form
This form is required to be submitted for more than 90 visits. 
9/4/2018 Utilization Management
Psych/Neuropsych Evaluation Request
Psych/Neuropsych testing in excess of four hours must be preauthorized using this form. 
9/4/2018 Utilization Management
Preauthorization Request
Submit this form with medical rationale for preauthorization review of a medical/surgical service. 
9/4/2018 Utilization Management