Modal Window

The Modal Window component is used to display a Video Embed or other content within a modal window (popup) on the page.

  • Modal Title
    • will display as the Modal Header
  • Modal Close Button Text
    • no entry needed
  • Modal Close Button Size
    • no entry needed
    • Large Button
    • Small Button
    • Extra Small Button
  • Modal Window Size
    • no entry needed
    • Large
    • Small
  • Modal Window KeyName
    • modify only if there is more than one modal on a page
  • Contextual CSS Class
    • no entry needed
    • Default (no selection)
    • Danger
    • Info
    • Primary
    • Success
    • Warning
  • CSS Class
  • Style
The Modal Window component must be paired with a component that contains the ModalWindowTarget option. Use a Button component to link to a Modal Window (as shown in the example below).