Sitecore Log Analyzer

Sitecore Log Analyzer provides filtered views of the Sitecore logs.

SCLA Search
  1. Run Sitecore Log Analyzer (SCLA.Launcher.exe)
  2. Click the "Select Location" button and browse for the target log or log directory
  3. Either enter a String filter to perform a string search, or leave blank and click "Analyze/Refresh"
  4. Results can be filtered by date range as well by clearing the "Disable date filter" checkbox 
  • The Messages tab contains status message such as: Errors, Warnings, Infos, Fatals, and Debugs.
  • The statuses can be filtered using the check boxes for each message type.
  • The Audit tab contains information on system operations, such as logins, logouts, and item moves. Items can be filtered by type and user id.
Health Monitor
  • The Health Monitor tab contains information on system caches, such as total size over time, number of instances, etc.
Raw View
  • The Raw View tab contains the colorized raw log data.
Internal Program Log
  • The Internal Program Log tab contains the log related messages, such as starts and stops.