PC ACE Documentation

Reference the documents below to use PC-ACE for Uploading Claims, Sending Secondary Claims and Adjusting or Replacing Claims.

How to Install an Update

This document provides a printed version of the steps to follow to install an update to PC-ACE. The actual software includes an online "Wise Installation Wizard" that walks you through the installation.

PC-ACE Pro32 Release Newsletters

These documents explain all the changes made to the software in the latest update. 

Please note: Effective with the July 2015 update, version numbering will be different going forward.

PC-ACE PRO32 Claims Processing System User's Manual

This is a printable version of the online HELP documentation that is in PC-ACE. The online HELP file is updated whenever the software is updated, but if you want a paper copy that is up-to-date, you can print this file.

A default setting in PC-ACE will trigger the purging of files that have been transmitted. The user can increase or decrease the number of days that files are archived before they are purged.  

ICD-10 goes into effect October 1, 2015! If you have ICD-10 testing questions, email ICD10@nebraskablue.com today! 

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