PC-ACE is updated quarterly. Updates include CMS mandates, new code sets and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska-specific changes. 

Important noteThe July 29 release date of Windows 10 did not allow for adequate compatibility testing prior to the July 2015 (2.7) release. Compatibility testing will instead be done as part of the October 2015 (2.8) release. As a result, PC-ACE Pro32 will not be supported on Windows 10 prior to the October 2015 release. We strongly recommend that PC-ACE Pro32 users delay installation of Windows 10 until October, after the 2.8 release of PC-ACE Pro32 has taken place. Note that Microsoft will allow users to upgrade for free for up to a year. 

If you have received an e-mail instructing you to update PC-ACE:

  1. Follow these steps to installing the update
  2. Download the update (Version 54_aka2.7, July 2015)

Please keep all third-party software compliant, when applicable, if importing into PC-ACE32 to avoid mapping conflicts with the new CMS 1500 form.

Note the following message from our PC-ACE vendor: PC-ACE Pro32 will continue to support import of the CMS-1500 (08/05) format. However, users who begin printing the CMS-1500 (02/12) format in order to import ICD-10 codes will require a remapping to the new layout.

There is a one-time flat fee per successfully mapped/re-mapped print file. This fee includes delivery of the map and reasonable support assistance to get the map installed and operational.

For additional PC-ACE information, please refer to our EDI documentation