EDI Enrollment

Electronic Remittance Advice Registration (835)

To register for Electronic Remittance Advices, simply complete and submit our ERA Enrollment Form. ERAs are routed by Tax ID and cannot be split among different clearinghouses. Once registered, your ERA information is also available via NaviNet, our provider portal.

Electronic Healthcare Claim Enrollment (837I, 837P, 837D)

If you are submitting claims through an approved clearinghouse/vendor, there is no EDI enrollment required and you will not need to submit the standard agreement and/or registration forms. As long as you have successfully completed the Credentialing Process, you can submit claims through any clearinghouse you prefer. For more information on the Credentialing Process, please visit our Credentialing page.

If you elect to submit claims directly rather than through a clearinghouse, please follow these steps:

One of the Trading Partner Agreements will be signed by a representative of BCBSNE and returned to you. An EDI Account Executive will then contact you regarding the certification and testing process for your electronic transactions. Once you are certified as a Trading Partner and transaction testing is complete, you will be approved to send files for processing.


Providers interested in our Electronic Funds Transfer service are able to complete and return an EFT Enrollment Form. EFT-related requests will be processed through our Health Network Administration Department.