Different needs created different Blues. Many “Blue” terms are used to describe the different programs and products of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska designed to meet your needs and of our members.

Each program/product is unique in its focus and because it carries the term “Blue,” you can be assured that it is supported by our mission to deliver the health and wellness solutions people value most.

When there is a discrepancy between the terminology in this manual and covered person contract language, the specific contract language will prevail.

The information in this manual is subject to change. There may be deletions and additions published periodically, each with its own effective date. We encourage you to utilize the most current version of the manual by visiting and clicking on “Providers” and then “Policies and Procedures” in the left column.

Revisions are often published in our UPDATE provider newsletter and in direct mailings to your office. Newsletters can also be viewed at by clicking on “Providers,” then “Newsletters” in the left column. To receive an e-mail each time we post a new issue of the newsletter on the provider website, click on “Sign up for our newsletters” on the Newsletter page. In addition, we encourage you to visit our website at and view our comprehensive online provider library.

The information in this manual should not be considered all-inclusive. This is general information that applies to many but not all group endorsements. Groups can and do request variations of endorsements.

Health care providers should take advantage of our online provider portal through NaviNet to verify member eligibility and benefits, verify claim status, or access a remittance advice. Go to our provider page on, or to register or log-in. This information has been made available for you free of charge by BCBSNE, and should be your primary source of verification.

Call 800-635-0579, our toll-free voice response system, to research answers to questions about a claim or BCBSNE benefit coverage that may not be available on NaviNet.