BluePride Plus SBCs

Summaries of Benefits and Coverage

The Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) is a standard document produced by all health insurance companies to help employers and employees understand their benefits and/or compare plans. Please view our BluePride Plus SBCs here:

2014 Plans

Gold Option 101*
Gold Option 102*
Gold Option 103
Gold Option 104*
Gold Option 105 HDHP*
Gold Option 106 HDHP

Silver Option 201*
Silver Option 202
Silver Option 203 HDHP

Bronze Option 301 HDHP 
Bronze Option 302 HDHP
Bronze Option 303*
Bronze Option 304 HDHP 
Bronze Option 305 HDHP
Bronze Option 306 HDHP
Bronze Option 307 HDHP*

*These options are offered off SHOP only.

Due to the Affordable Care Act (ACA or the new heath care law), employers now have two options for offering health insurance to their employees:

  1. Employers can buy health insurance that complies with the health care law the same way as before the ACA – through their agent/broker.
  2. Employers can buy from the Small Business Options Program (SHOP) Marketplace. In 2014, small business owners can select only one plan from the SHOP to offer employees. The federal government has said small businesses and their employees will be able to choose from multiple carriers and multiple plans in 2015.

The SHOP, or SHOP Marketplace, is an online option for small business owners to shop for and purchase health care coverage for their employees. The SHOP opens on October 1, 2013. It was developed to give business owners a convenient place to compare health care plans. The standardized “metallic”plans, such as Gold, Silver, and Bronze, allow business owners to compare plans with similar levels of coverage.