Individual and Family

Are you between jobs and find yourself temporarily needing health insurance? If so, our TempCare Plan can bridge the gap - whether it lasts a month, six months or 10 months.

Important Note: TempCare is a short-term limited duration health insurance policy and does not constitute minimum essential coverage under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). Individuals and dependents not enrolled in minimum essential coverage could be responsible to pay federal penalties for the months during which they do not meet individual shared responsibility requirements. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska is not responsible for any penalties an individual incurs from noncompliance with the ACA.


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The TempCare Plan is available to singles and families. It includes coverage for inpatient and outpatient hospital services, doctor’s services, prescription drugs and routine immunizations.

The primary applicant must be age 19 or older. Coverage under this plan is available for a period of 10 months.