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Form NumberForm NameQuantity
70510 x 13 Envelope with Important Plan Information message - must be used when mailing Medicare PPO or Rx materials to prospects and beneficiaries
523310 x 13 Envelope with BlueSenior Classic Medicare Supplement plan info on front - not for mailing of Medicare PPO or Rx materials/kits
1898Postage-Paid Return Envelope - Individual Underwriting Department (9 x 4)
1899Postage-Paid Return Envelope - Individual Underwriting Department (6 x 9)
1901Postage-Paid Return Envelope - Individual Underwriting Department (13 x 10)
Form NumberForm NameQuantity
N-11-183 (English)BlueCard Program (for members to locate providers throughout the U.S.)
N-11-183 (Spanish)BlueCard Program (Spanish version for members to locate providers throughout the U.S.)
N-11-187BlueCard Worldwide Program (for members to locate providers around the world)
42-046Summary of Benefits and Coverage postcard
89832-pocket folder: Health Plans for Individuals Under age 65
8909Generic BCBSNE 2-pocket folder
89752-pocket Medicare Supplement folder
4961One Less Thing to Worry About Flyer
92-096High Deductible Health Plans and HSAs - Group (7-31-12 version for 2013)
92-096High Deductible Health Plans and HSAs - Group (8-7-13 version for 2014)
9017Conversion Coverage Health Care Plan
42-013Open Look under age 65 individual plan performance brochure
92-140Consumer Guide to the New Health Care Law
92-141Health Care Reform Small Business Guide
36-027Your Guide to Health Care Reform-for brokers and employer-group clients
36-182Health Care Reform: New Benefits, New Costs-for brokers and employer-group clients
36-051Benefits for Preventive Services (for grandfathered plans or plans that have not reached their first plan year on or after plan years beginning 8-1-12)
36-051-3Benefits for Preventive Services (for plan years beginning on or after 5-1-14)
36-165Three-Tier Plan Design Frequently Asked Questions
36-100Online Tools and Resources from BCBSNE
4975In-Network Providers Card
IMPORTANT NOTE: Beginning June 1, 2011, a $25 broker fee will be charged for every paper application submitted.
Form NumberForm NameQuantity
3087Application for Individual Coverage (use for 2014 ACA-compliant plans or to add DentalEssentials to any health plan)
3116Application for Individual Coverage (use for 2013 BluePreferred Basics, BlueEssentials, BlueEssentials Choice and SelectBlue, including HDHPs, or to add DentalEssentials to any health plan)
3062TempCare Application and Contract
3180Farm Bureau Non-underwritten Change application
31-096Farm Bureau DentalEssentials stand-alone application
3091Farm Bureau Medicare Supplement with optional DentalEssentials application
Form NumberForm NameQuantity
36-066NEtwork BLUE Directory
Form NumberForm NameQuantity
Y0052Medicare Scope of Appointment Form
4964Sales and marketing event notification form
5925Cancellation Request
3117HIPAA Form (certification of non-applicability)
8664-4Authorization for Release of Protected Health Information
3205Medicare Supplemental/Medicare Advantage Replacement Notice
3085Non-Tobacco User Certification
1896Preferred Premium Discount Medical Questionnaire
6177Subscriber’s Claim Form (for non-participating providers)
 MedicareBlue Rx Products
Available to Medicare-Certified Agents & Brokers Only
BCBSNE will not send the following MedicareBlue PPO and/or MedicareBlue Rx marketing materials to agents who are not certified to sell Medicare products. Please check the box below to verify you have completed both the AHIP training and the product training to become Medicare certified.

I verify that I am currently certified to sell MedicareBlue products. I understand that selling MedicareBlue products without being certified can result in loss of my sales appointment.
Form NumberForm NameQuantity
RAS 1001R062014 MedicareBlue Rx pre-enrollment kit (includes formulary and sell sheet)
 Individual DentalEssentials
Form NumberForm NameQuantity
36-141DentalEssentials individual dental brochure
 2014 Individual Benefits Brochures
Form NumberForm NameQuantity
92-135BlueEssentials Plus and SelectBlue Plus benefits brochure (metro area)
92-136BlueEssentials Plus benefits brochure (outside of metro area)
92-137BlueEssentials Plus $6350 Catastrophic plan option benefits brochure
 Product Brochures - Under Age 65 Plans
Form NumberForm NameQuantity
92-127SelectBlue individual three-tier brochure
92-057BlueEssentials brochure
92-117BlueEssentials Choice brochure
92-119BlueEssentials Choice HDHP HSA-Eligible brochure
92-081BlueEssentials HDHP HSA-Eligible Plans brochure
92-041BluePreferred Basics (limited benefit plans) brochure
92-069-1TempCare benefits brochure (use for 2014 plans)
92-077Individual Under 65 Product Options at a Glance (shows BlueEssentials, BlueEssentials HDHP HSA-Eligible, BlueEssentials Choice, BlueEssentials Choice HDHP HSA-Eligible, BluePreferred Basics and Short-Term Medical)
92-056BlueEssentials Options at a Glance
89-079BlueEssentials Choice Options at a Glance
89-081BlueEssentials Choice HDHP HSA-Eligible Options at a Glance
Product Brochures - Over Age 65 plans
Form NumberForm NameQuantity
92-064 rev. 11-1-12BlueSenior Classic Medicare Supplement customer brochure. Use when selling 2013 plans
92-064 rev. 11-1-13BlueSenior Classic Medicare Supplement customer brochure. Use when selling 2014 plans
36-013Plan L promotional flyer
CMS Pub. 02110Choosing a Medigap Policy: A Guide to Health Insurance for People with Medicare (CMS publication for use with Med Supp sales)
RAS1005R062014 How Medicare Works booklet
Rate Books
Form NumberForm NameQuantity
37-0112013 Individual Monthly Plan Rates book
36-1912014 Individual monthly plan ratebook for health care reform-compliant products
Outlines of Coverage
Form NumberForm NameQuantity
92-126SelectBlue individual three-tier Outline of Coverage
9162 rev. 2-20-14BlueSenior Classic Medicare Supplement Plans. Use when selling 2014 plans
92-052BluePreferred Basics Health Plans
92-062BlueEssentials Health Plans
92-083BlueEssentials HDHP HSA-Eligible Plans
92-121BlueEssentials Choice Plans
92-123BlueEssentials Choice HDHP HSA-Eligible Plans
92-053BluePreferred BudgetWise and BudgetWise+ Health Plans - Not for sale to new customers
92-054BudgetWise HDHP HSA-Eligible High Deductible Health Plans - Not for sale to new customers
Form NumberForm NameQuantity
4962 PRINTGroup Administration Manual (for groups under our New Claims and Membership System)
4962 CDGroup Administration Manual (for groups under our New Claims and Membership System)
PremierBlue (health plans for employer groups with 100+ eligible employees)
Form NumberForm NameQuantity
92-106PremierBlue Brochure
BlueFreedom (for employer groups of 51-99 employees)
Form NumberForm NameQuantity
8904BlueFreedom Benefits Brochure (for groups effective on and after 8-1-12)
8906BlueFreedom Benefits Options at a Glance (for groups effective on and after 8-1-12)
36-195BlueFreedom plan options brochure (2014 effective dates)
BluePride (for employer groups of 2-50 employees)
Form NumberForm NameQuantity
4727BluePride benefits brochure (for groups effective on and after 1-1-13)
4728BluePride Options at a Glance (for groups effective on and after 1-1-13)
30-009-06BluePride master group application
36-002BluePride individual enrollment form
31-046BluePride employee enrollment form (for 2013 plan year groups)
31-046-01BluePride employee enrollment form (for 2014 plan year groups)
36-093Fremont BlueChoice Brochure/Options at a Glance
36-186BluePride Plus plan options brochure (2014 effective dates)
36-128Fremont BlueChoice How to search for Fremont BlueChoice providers
Group Three-Tier Health Plan Options
Form NumberForm NameQuantity
36-147Small Group Three-Tier Options Brochure/Options at a Glance (for groups effective on and after 1/1/13)
36-165Member FAQs (effective 1/1/13 and after for ASO groups of 2-99 who cross accumulate)
36-180SelectBlue Large Group Three-Tier Plan Options – for brokers/group leaders (effective 1/1/14 for employer groups of 100+)
36-177How to Use the Online Provider Directory – for members (effective 1/1/14 for employer groups of 2+)
36-181Member FAQs (effective 1/1/14 for employer groups of 2+ who do not cross accumulate)
36-185SelectBlue Plus Plan Options brochure (2014 effective dates for groups of 2-50)
Form NumberForm NameQuantity
36-029SignatureBlue Dental Brochure
Discount Programs
Form NumberForm NameQuantity
36-050Blue365 discount program flier for all audiences
36-117Individual hearing and vision discount programs flyer
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