Maternity Management Program Registration Form and Pre-Assessment


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*Due Date
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*Number of Births:
*Number of Pre-Term births:
Gestational Age/s of Baby/s:
*Is pregnancy a result of fertility treatments?
Please list any medications you currently take:
*Do you have a history of Depression or post-partum depression?
*Do you have high blood pressure?
*Do you have kidney problems?
*Do you have any autoimmune disorders?
*Do you have heart disease?
*Do you have diabetes?
*Do you have cancer?
*Do you smoke?
*Have you been diagnosed with gestational diabetes?
*Have you ever been diagnosed with preclampsia?
*If you qualify for case management, would you like to be contacted?

Privacy Statement: Private health information you give to BCBSNE as part of this program will be used to provide services to you, answer your questions, or otherwise do business with you. Please be advised, however, that the confidentiality of any communication or material transmitted to or from BCBSNE via e-mail cannot be guaranteed. BCBSNE has security features in place to prevent the unauthorized release of or access to personal health information once the information is in on our systems. Personal health information will only be used and disclosed as permitted by state and federal privacy and security laws and regulations.