BlueCard®: Limited Benefits Products

Policy Number: GP-X-081

Last Updated: July 19, 2022  

Some Blue Plans offer limited benefit plans, so verifying Blue patients’ benefits and eligibility is extremely important. Currently, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska does not offer such limited benefit plans to our members; however, you may see patients with limited benefits who are covered by another Blue Plan.  

How do I recognize members with limited benefits products? 

Patients covered under a Blue Plan’s limited benefits coverage carry ID cards that have:

  • One of two product names – InReach or MyBasic 
  • A tagline in a green stripe at the bottom of the card 
  • A statement either on the front or the back of the ID card stating this is a limited benefits product 
  • A black cross and/or shield to help differentiate it from other identification cards

These ID cards may look like this:  

BlueCard Limited Member Card Example

BlueCard® - registered derivative