Dad putting a bandage on his son's knee.

Getting Care

We know the relationship between you and your doctor is essential to your well-being. Our network of doctors help take your care to the next level. And because helping you achieve healthier outcomes is our number one goal, you also have access to several programs to help keep you at your best between doctors visits. 

Preventive Care

Many health conditions can be prevented or detected early by making healthy lifestyle choices such as eating nutritional foods, getting appropriate exercise, and visiting your doctor for preventive care. View the Preventive Health Guidelines and Benefits for Preventive Services to see what screenings, immunizations and other preventive measures are recommended by the experts for your age group and gender.

Nurse-Supported Care Programs

We offer a free health and well-being program to help you meet your specific health goals. Whether that is to reduce your risk for illness, better manage a health condition or provide extensive and targeted support for a more complex health problem, our nurses work with you individually to inspire health living and overall well-being.

Diabetes Reversal and Management

Diabetes can increase your risk for many serious health problems such as heart disease, lower limb amputations due to circulatory problems, eyesight issues, kidney disease and many more. We are here to help you manage your diabetes with our new diabetes tracking app. 

Pregnancy Care

Getting ready to welcome your newborn is an exciting time and we’ll be here for you through it all. Between finding the right maternity coverage and signing up for our free Pregnancy Care Program, you’ll be sure to get the assistance you need to maintain a healthy and happy pregnancy.  

Smoking Cessation

A free, nurse-led program that gets results. Our nurses will help you create a quit plan, stay accountable and help you get the care you need.

Care Management

Whether you were recently hospitalized, getting treatment for cancer, or just need a little extra help with your health, our nurse care managers work one-on-one with you to get you the care you need.

Medical Equipment

Medical equipment and supplies are often prescribed for use outside of a medical facility. This can include diabetic equipment and supplies, wheelchairs, etc. To get the items you need, it is important to use an in-network supplier. You can find in-network suppliers through our doctor finder.