How the BlueCard® Program Works

Policy Number: GP-X-078

Last Updated: Sept. 1, 2022 

How to Identify Members

When a member of a Blue Plan arrives at your office or facility, ask for their current member identification (ID) card.  

How to Identify Members
The main identifier for out-of-area members is the prefix (first three positions of the ID number).  

Important facts concerning member IDs:

  • A correct member ID number includes the prefix (first three positions) and all subsequent characters, up to 17 positions total. 
  • The prefix on a member’s ID must be three characters.  
  • Some member ID numbers may include alphabetic characters in other positions following the prefix. Others may be fewer than 17 positions.  
  • Do not add/delete characters or numbers within the member ID.  
  • Do not change the sequence of the characters following the prefix.  
  • The prefix is critical for electronically routing specific Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act transactions to the appropriate Blue Plan.  

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