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Our broker and agent webinars provide relevant information, ranging from product updates to renewal and contract changes. Presentation PDFs and recordings for the webinar topics can be accessed at the links below.

September 2020

2021 Armor Health Training

The 2021 Armor Health re-enrollment process is a change from how standard renewals were handled in the past. Watch this video to learn more about:

  • Paperless re-enrollment
  • Broker Business Portal enhancements
  • Broker Bonus
September 2020

2021 Small Group Training

Learn about the 2021 updates to the BlueFreedom, BlueFlex and BluePride ACA products. During the webinar, you will learn about:

  • Effects of state mandates
  • Medical and pharmacy benefit changes
  • Impacts of contractual documents
  • Cost share updates

Please note: The slide deck was updated in October 2020.

Learn about the 2020 updates to the BlueFreedom, BlueFlex and BluePride ACA products.

Slide Deck
Please note: In October 2020, it was determined a change was needed on the BlueFreedom Prescription Drug Option 6. The in-network specialty drugs copay has changed from $150 to $250 for plans effective Jan. 1, 2021, and after. These slides reflect that change.

August 2020

LifeSecure Long-Term Care Product Training

We’re excited to announce that beginning Aug. 3, 2020, we will offer ancillary products from  LifeSecure Insurance Company. These products include personal accident, critical illness, hospital recovery and worksite long-term care insurance. 

View an overview of LifeSecure’s individual ancillary products and begin your appointment process.