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Manage Medications

You have access to the valuable information you need to comfortably and confidently manage your prescription drug purchases.

Each health plan includes a list of covered medications, also called a prescription drug list (PDL). The drug list is divided into tiers, as shown in the example below. The number of tiers may vary by plan and the cost for each 30-day supply of a covered prescription drug depends on the tier in which the medication is listed. To view the drug tiers for your specific plan, visit  myNebraskaBlue.com.

Tier 1 - Generic Drugs

Commonly prescribed generic drugs.

Tier 2 - Preferred Brand

Brand-name drugs that do not have a generic equivalent.

Tier 3 - Non-Preferred Brand

Higher-priced brand-name drugs. Often have a generic equivalent.

Tier 4 - Specialty Drugs

These drugs are used to treat complex conditions like cancer.

Lowest Cost to Highest Cost

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Your plan provides higher savings for prescriptions filled at in-network pharmacies. You will want to consider your network, along with your plan's drug tiers, to get the best value. You can also use Amazon Pharmacy home delivery mail service for a 90-day supply of your maintenance medications. For a list of in-network pharmacies, visit myNebraskaBlue.com and click on Pharmacy Benefits.

You can save money by choosing a generic medication from your plan's prescription drug list. To find your plan's prescription drug list, visit myNebraskaBlue.com and click on Pharmacy Benefits or call the Member Services number on the back of your member ID card.


We are committed to providing you with valuable information you can use to manage your prescriptions.

Find a Pharmacy

You have access to the pharmacies with our pharmacy benefit manager, Prime Therapeutics. Find in-network pharmacies and search for covered medications.

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Home Delivery

Have your prescriptions delivered directly to your home by filling through Amazon Pharmacy.

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Prescription Drug Lists

Make sure you are taking medications that are safe, effective and reasonably priced by referencing them on your specific prescription drug list.

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Amazon Pharmacy

With Amazon Pharmacy you can have your long-term medications delivered to your home with access to MedsYourWay™ discount card pricing.

You’ll see the lowest price and, depending on your plan, pricing options for covered medicines may count toward your out-of-pocket maximum.

With Amazon Pharmacy, you will enjoy the following benefits and features:

  • Mobile app or computer access to your account
  • Shop the lowest price, whether that’s your insurance copay, coinsurance or MedsYourWay discount card pricing
  • Track the progress of your prescription fulfillment and delivery
  • Receive prescriptions in discreet, tamper-resistant packaging
  • Free standard, five-day shipping (two-day for Amazon Prime members)
  • Manage your medications and view your order history
  • Works with your health insurance plan and doctors to get prescriptions filled so you don’t have to
  • Talk to a pharmacist 24/7/365

To sign up for Amazon Pharmacy home delivery, visit Amazon.com/NebraskaMYW.

Drugs administered in an Outpatient Setting

Under some of our plans, benefits for certain prescription drugs and covered services administered in an outpatient setting are now available only under a prescription drug plan, not your medical plan. Examples of an outpatient setting include a home health care agency, physician’s office, outpatient hospital or other outpatient facility. To find out if this applies under your plan, please contact our Member Services Department at the number shown on the back of your member ID card.

These drugs and covered services include some of the following: oral medication, intravenous solutions, biologicals and medicines. This provision does not affect drugs like allergy injections or pain medications you may receive in an outpatient setting. It only affects some high-dollar drugs that should be purchased through a specialty or in-network pharmacy. For more information or to see an example of this program, please read  Important Information Regarding Drugs Administered in an Outpatient Setting.

Benefits for the following drugs are only available if the drugs are purchased through a specialty or in-network pharmacy. Review the  list of the prescription drugs and covered services for which benefits may be available only under a Rx Nebraska Prescription Drug Program.

IMPORTANT: This list may be updated at any time without notice. Please be aware that including a medication on this list does not ensure coverage.

Specialty Drug Benefits

Our Specialty Drug Benefit program provides a convenient, cost-effective way for you to order specialty medications for delivery directly to your home or physician’s office. Specialty medications are typically self-administered injectable drugs used to treat serious or chronic medical conditions such as multiple sclerosis, hemophilia, hepatitis and rheumatoid arthritis. Our  Specialty Pharmacy Program Drug List outlines the products designated as specialty medications.

How to Enroll

To learn more about the Accredo, an Express Scripts® specialty pharmacy, read the  Expert Support for Specialty Medications and complete this  referral form or call 833-715-0973 to participate. 

All BCBSNE members*

To receive benefits under your BCBSNE prescription drug plan, all BCBSNE members may purchase their specialty medications through Accredo, an Express Scripts® specialty pharmacy. NOTE: Option Care will be an out-of-network pharmacy beginning Jan. 1, 2024.

Individual members and fully-insured group members*

Individual members, as well as fully-insured group members, may use Accredo, an Express Scripts® specialty pharmacy, Option Care pharmacies in Nebraska or The Nebraska Medical Center Specialty Pharmacy.

To enroll with Option Care, please call 800-279-0980.

To enroll with The Nebraska Medical Center Specialty Pharmacy, please call 855-299-9283.

*If you are unsure of which plan you are enrolled in, please contact our Member Services department at the phone number on the back of your BCBSNE member ID card.

Vaccine Administration Network

You can reduce the likelihood of getting the flu, shingles, and pneumococcal disease by getting vaccinated. BCBSNE is helping make it easier to get those vaccinations.

BCBSNE health plan members may get the influenza (flu), Zostavax® (shingles), or Pneumovax® (pneumococcal disease) vaccines at participating pharmacies in Nebraska or across the nation. Simply present your BCBSNE member ID card at the participating pharmacy and pay according to your plan’s prescription drug coverage. The pharmacy will administer the vaccination and file the claim. Use our Find a Pharmacy tool to search for an in-network pharmacy. Please note that not all pharmacies may carry the listed vaccines.

If you have questions, please call our Member Services department at the number shown on the back of your member ID card.