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Know Before You Go

Estimate Costs

Health care prices shouldn't take you by surprise. We're here to help you understand the factors that influence the price of your insurance and medical services.

How much does a knee replacement surgery cost? What does the average vasectomy cost with insurance? What does the typical colonoscopy cost? What does a typical birth cost in Nebraska? What's the cost of an MRI scan? How about a prescription? These cost estimates are available to members and easily accessible through your member account.

Estimate Your Costs

Take Charge of Your Health — and Your Budget

  • View estimates on common medical procedures tailored to your specific health benefits, your co-pay, deductible and out-of-pocket status.
  • Choose your provider by location, gender, specialties, languages spoken or whether they're accepting new patients.
  • Read patient ratings and reviews to help select the best provider and health care facility for you and your family.
  • Understand all the details of the care you may need, such as hospital stays, lab work, follow-up doctor visits and more.

Cost Estimator Tool Frequently Asked Questions

The Doctor Finder and Cost Estimator is the go-to tool for three functions:
  1. Find an in-network doctor or hospital
    Finding in-network doctors and facilities is essential for you to get the most out of your coverage. Our Doctor Finder shows in-network doctors and facilities.
  2. Estimate costs
    When you are logged in to your online member account,, the Cost Estimator allows you to comparison shop for common treatments, tests and procedures.
    For example, if you are considering a knee replacement, you can view the estimated cost for everything from the MRI, to the procedure, to physical therapy afterward.
    When you view the Cost Estimator from your account, your out-of-pocket spending amount is up to date so you can see approximately what you will have to pay for the procedure based on what you have already paid out of your pocket.
    For those members on a three-tier plan, costs can be sorted from the least expensive treatment for the most expensive treatment.
  3. Access doctor reviews and credentials
    To allow you to factor in quality with cost when selecting a provider, the tool also includes quality information like awards, certifications and similar designations from accredited independent third parties. You can also use the tool to view patient reviews of providers and write your own reviews.
The cost data is updated every six months and is supplied by the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association from the National Consumer Cost Transparency (NCCT) data, the largest in the United States.
No, they are simply estimates. Your actual cost might differ. Here are some reasons why your cost might differ from your estimate to your claim:
  • Well visits and preventive visits may not display a zero dollar cost estimate. The amount you pay could be affected if tests, labs or other topics are discussed during your visit.
  • The care you needed was more complex than what your doctor initially thought. Some patients require additional care, like more days recovering in the hospital.
  • The exact procedure you received was different from the one you estimated. For example, maybe you looked up a knee scope when what you had was a knee replacement. Talking with your doctor to understand the exact service can help provide you with a better estimate.
  • The estimate you researched was for someone else on your plan. With many plans, the out-of-pocket cost can change depending on which family member is selected and how much they have accumulated towards the out of pocket.
  • You received additional services since you estimated your cost. If you have received additional services since you estimated your cost, the estimate you receive may be different if those services were applied to your out of pocket amount. You can view your claims by logging into your account.
  • You have coverage from another insurance plan in addition to your Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska coverage. Cost estimates are based only on the coverage you have with us.
  • The cost estimate changed prior to your care. Negotiated rates with providers can change, therefore, changing the estimate. We recommend receiving estimates close to when you’ll be receiving care.

Log in to your online member account at On the home page, scroll to the bottom and select Estimate My Costs and search for a provider, condition or estimate your costs. 

As you type, the tool will display the “best match” for your search. However, not all results may be shown. Select one of the following categories: Doctors by name or specialty, Places by name or type, Estimate your costs, Treatment timelines and Condition information.

Cost information is only available to members who are logged in to their member account. To see the information, log in at On the home page, scroll to the bottom and select Estimate My Costs. Then enter the doctor or hospital name, or a condition or specialty in the search box. As you type, suggestions for your search will pop up. Select an option from the list to see the estimated costs.
Costs vary as we negotiate rates with each provider, so estimates can differ from one provider to the next.

Comparing estimates from different providers can help you see which ones will cost you less, helping you to save money. This might also help you decide where to receive care. Oftentimes, where you receive care affects cost more than which doctor you see.
No, estimates do not reflect the quality of care a patient will receive. The estimates only reflect your claims to day and the negotiated rates with providers.

If you are evaluating your care options and are undecided as to where you should go, check with your primary care physician.
No, you do not have to go to the provider your doctor recommends; you can definitely compare costs for other options.

In general, we always recommend talking your options through with your doctor.
Yes, estimates for procedures like surgeries take into account the entire journey of care.

For example, if you are considering a knee replacement, you can view the estimated cost for everything from the MRI to the procedure to physical therapy afterward.
Our Member Services team is always here to help. If you have any questions about cost estimates, give us a call. The number is located on the back of your member ID card.

Note: Cost information is currently not available for our Medicare Supplement members.