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Estimate Costs

Health care prices shouldn't take you by surprise. We're here to help you understand the factors that influence the price of your insurance and medical services.

How much does a knee replacement surgery cost? What does the average vasectomy cost with insurance? What is the typical colonoscopy cost? What does a typical birth cost in Nebraska? What's the cost of an MRI scan? How about a prescription? These cost estimates are available to members and easily accessible through your member account.

Take Charge of Your Health — and Your Budget

  • View estimates on common medical procedures tailored to your specific health benefits, your co-pay, deductible and out-of-pocket status.
  • Choose your provider by location, gender, specialties, languages spoken, or whether they're accepting new patients.
  • Read patient ratings and reviews to help select the best provider and health care facility for you and your family.
  • Understand all the details of the care you may need, such as hospital stays, lab work, follow-up doctor visits and more.