Enhancements to the provider finder and cost estimator

Preventive messaging and a Save to PDF function have been added to the provider find and cost estimator. 

Preventive messaging

Preventive messaging will show at the top of the page when a member completes a search. The message will appear, followed by the Smart Search for Total Care Providers. Members have the option of hiding the messaging by clicking the X in the right-hand corner.

Showing the preventive services notification in the doctor finder.

For cost estimates, members will see the average cost assigned to the search, but the message will still be displayed. 

Save to PDF

The Save to PDF function will display up to 1,000 results. Members select the Save to PDF button and a window will open on the right-hand side that allows them to download or email the directory to themselves or someone else.

Screenshot of "Save to PDF" text in doctor finder.