Upcoming Telehealth State Mandates

Required changes will be implemented across the board on the amendment or act’s effective date, regardless of the plan’s renewal date.  

LB400 - Change requirements related to coverage of telehealth by insurers and Medicaid 
The Nebraska Telehealth Act was amended to include audio-only services for the delivery of behavioral health services. This amendment ensures that telehealth patients may receive behavioral health services via audio only, as well as with video. 

Amendment effective Sept. 1, 2021

This is not a change for BCBSNE members. We have been offering audio-only behavioral health services, in addition to our standard telehealth via video.

LB487 - Change insurance coverage provisions for mental health conditions and serious mental illness 
This act ensures that insurance carriers’ cost shares and reimbursement rates for telehealth behavioral health services are the same as the in-person rates. 

Act effective Sept. 1, 2021

We already reimburse telehealth and in-person visits at the same rate. 

Telehealth cost shares and in-person cost shares already match for BluePride, BlueFlex, Armor Health and Blue Essentials. 

BlueFreedom and PremierBlue cost shares already match for the deductible and coinsurance plans. Effective Sept. 1, 2021, the copay plans will be modified. In-network telehealth behavioral health services will be covered at 100% of our allowable amount to match the in-person benefits. (Out-of-network telehealth visits will continue to be non-covered.) 

This mandate does not apply to self-funded business (ASO). ASO Block and Custom ASO groups have always been able to select their own cost shares for in-person and telehealth behavioral health services. Their cost shares are processed as noted in their Client Profile. This process will continue as is.