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2-50 Employees

Small Group Plans

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Find big coverage for your small business. Businesses with 2-50 employees can choose from a variety of small business health insurance plans known as BluePride. You can offer benefits that you and your employees will be sure to love.

All small business health insurance options meet the requirements mandated by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) so you can offer your employees health plans that cover all the essential health benefits, including pediatric dental and vision. These health insurance plans for small business offer the highest level of benefits to members when they obtain services from any physician or hospital designated as in network. Selecting an in-network provider means less out-of-pocket costs. If members choose to go outside of the network, they will have higher out-of-pocket costs.


Four Types of Enrollment

Small businesses can choose from four types of enrollment for employees

Single Membership

Single Membership

Covers the employee only.
Employee and Spouse

Employee and Spouse Membership

Covers the employee and his or her spouse.
Only available on dental plans.

Employee and Child

Employee and

Covers the employee and his or her eligible dependent children, but does not provide coverage to a spouse.
Only available on dental plans.

Family Membership

Family Membership

Covers the employee, spouse and eligible dependent children.

Compare Plans

Find the choice that fits your small business' budget and needs


Our Bronze plans offer the lowest premium costs, but out-of-pocket costs will be higher when members receive care.



Premium costs in our Silver plans are higher than Bronze plans, but offer lower out-of-pocket costs.



Our Gold plans include higher premium costs than Silver plans, but out-of-pocket costs for employees are lowest with these plans. 

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Summary of Benefits and Coverage
View a complete list of Summary of Benefits and Coverage Documents.

Network Options

Understand provider networks and service areas
NEtwork BLUE

NEtwork BLUE is our statewide network, made up of 96% of Nebraska’s doctors and 99% of the state’s non-governmental acute care hospitals.*

NEtwork Blue provides access to:

  • Hospitals and clinics across Nebraska
  • Primary and specialty care providers
  • Heart, cancer and trauma centers
  • Children’s care
  • Behavioral health network
* Source: BCBSNE statistics. April 7, 2021
Premier Select BlueChoice

Our Premier Select BlueChoice network features Nebraska Methodist Hospital System and Nebraska Medicine. This regional network is available to groups headquartered in Omaha, Lincoln and the surrounding communities in ZIP codes starting with 680, 681, 683, 684 and 685. All other Nebraska providers are out of network.

Some of the key hospitals and health care providers include:

  • Methodist Hospital System
  • Nebraska Medicine
  • Bryan Health
  • Boys Town National Research Hospital
  • Children's Hospital & Medical Center
Blueprint Health

Our Blueprint Health network features CHI Health and other providers and facilities in Nebraska and contiguous counties in Iowa. This regional network is available to groups headquartered in Omaha, Lincoln and the surrounding communities in ZIP codes starting with 680, 681, 683, 684 and 685, as well as Adams, Buffalo, Hall, Kearney and Phelps counties. All other Nebraska providers are out of network.


Some of the key hospitals and health care providers include:

  • CHI Health
  • Creighton University System
  • Nebraska Spine Hospital LLC
  • Boys Town National Research Hospital
  • Children's Hospital & Medical Center
Out-of-State Networks

BCBSNE members have access to a national network called the BlueCard® Program. If Blue members live or travel outside of Nebraska, they may take their health care benefits with them. The BlueCard Program gives members access to doctors and hospitals almost everywhere within the United States, including both urban and rural areas.

Outside of the United States, members have access to doctors and hospitals around the world through the Blue Cross Blue Shield Global® Core Program.

Member Benefits

BCBSNE gives members access to a variety of resources that can help them better manage their health expenses. With the rising cost of health care, we understand that consumers are looking for ways to save without jeopardizing quality of care.
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Online Tools

Access our online member resource center to find in-network doctors, track medical bills and health care spending. 

Log in to myNebraskaBlue

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Cost Estimators

Get estimated costs for hospital stays, MRIs, office visits, surgeries, vaccines, X-rays and more.

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Discount Programs

Get exclusive discounts and savings that make it easier and more affordable to make healthy choices with Blue365.

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Prescription Drug Coverage

Prescription drug coverage is available to BCBSNE members through our Rx Nebraska Prescription Drug Program with our pharmacy benefit manager, Prime Therapeutics, Inc.


BCBSNE members will pay less out of pocket on prescriptions filled with in-network pharmacies. Members may also use AllianceRx Walgreens Prime to order up to a 90-day supply of maintenance medications at one time (if allowed by the prescription).

In-Network ($)

  • Walgreens
  • Walmart/Sam's Club
  • Hy-Vee
  • Think
  • Baker's
  • U-Save
  • Super Saver
  • Shopko

Out-of-Network ($$)

  • Costco
  • CVS
  • Target

This is a partial list of providers. For a complete list visit our Managing Medications page.

Prescription Drug Tiers (Formulary)

Prescription drugs are divided into the following six tiers. The cost for each 30-day supply of a covered prescription drug depends on the tier in which the medication is listed.

Tier 1 - Generic Drugs

Commonly prescribed generic drugs.

Pharmacy Tier 2 Non-Preferred Generic
Higher-priced generic drugs that cost a little more than tier 1.
Pharmacy Tier 3 Preferred Brand
Brand name drugs that do not have a generic equivalent.
Pharmacy Tier 4 Non-Preferred Brand
Higher-priced brand name drugs. Often have a generic equivalent.
Pharmacy Tier 5 Preferred Specialty
Lower-cost specialty drugs. Used to treat complex conditions like cancer.
Pharmacy Tier 6 Non-Preferred Specialty
The most expensive drugs on the drug list which can be generic or brand name.
Lowest Cost to Highest Cost
Retail Pharmacies

Members should take their prescription to a participating pharmacy and show the pharmacist their BCBSNE member ID card. The member will pay the applicable copay/deductible/coinsurance amount.

Please note: Whenever appropriate, generic drugs will be used to fill prescriptions. The member will also be responsible for paying an additional 25% if a prescription is filled at a non-participating pharmacy.

Mail Service

If BCBSNE members use AllianceRx Walgreens Prime, they may order a 90-day supply of maintenance medication by paying the applicable copay amount for each 30-day supply. 

Prescription Coverage Benefits

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Cost Savings

Members pay less when they choose generic medications from our drug list. Members should talk to their doctor about what is right for them.

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With many in-network pharmacies to choose from, members can fill prescriptions close to home or work.

speed fast

Time Savings

Members may have up to a 90-day of maintenance medications supply delivered directly to them through AllianceRx Walgreens Prime.

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Online Resources

Members may search the drug list, find a pharmacy, view their claims and estimate the cost of medications 24/7 by logging in to

Prime Therapeutics LLC is an independent company providing pharmacy benefit management services for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska. Prime Therapeutics has an ownership interest in AllianceRx Walgreens Prime, a central specialty pharmacy and home delivery company.