Preventive Care

Many health conditions can be prevented or detected early by making healthy lifestyle choices such as eating nutritional foods, getting appropriate exercise, and visiting your doctor for preventive care. View the Preventive Health Guidelines and Benefits for Preventive Services below to see what screenings, immunizations and other preventive measures are recommended by the experts for your age group and gender. Use these guidelines to help maintain a healthy lifestyle, but talk with your doctor about your specific health concerns, and follow your doctor’s advice.

Preventive Health Guidelines

Benefits for Preventive Services

These fliers show what preventive services are covered at no cost to you when services are provided by an in-network provider:

  • Services for plans effective on or after 6/1/15 
    See pages 2 and 3 of the flier for information about the new services effective 6/1/15:
    • Aspirin for the Prevention of Preeclampsia
    • Dental Caries in Preschool Children, Prevention (apply fluoride varnish to the primary teeth)
  • Services for plans effective on or after 1/1/15
    See page 4 of the flier for information about the new service effective 1/1/15:
    • Lung Cancer Screening
  • Services for plans effective on or after 9/1/14
    See page 2 of the flier for information about the new service effective 9/1/14:
    • Breast cancer, Prescribe risk-reducing medication for women at increased risk of cancer
Grandfathered Plans

If you are on an employer group plan that is grandfathered, your plan may not have implemented the women’s health care and other services under your plan's preventive benefit. Please refer to the below Benefits for Preventive Services and Preventive Health Guidelines to see the services that may apply to your plan.

If you are not sure if your employer group plan has moved to the newest preventive services, contact BCBSNE Member Services at the number on the back of your BCBSNE member ID card.   

More Information on Some of the Women's Services

Additional Information

These fliers help explain how to maintain a healthy lifestyle or how covered services are considered under the preventive services: