FEP BlueDental

Policy Number: DP-F-004

Last Updated: Sept. 15, 2022

Blue Cross and Blue Shield offers one supplemental dental plan: The FEP BlueDental plan, administered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota. In most cases, when the member has coverage under the FEP Service Benefit Plan and FEP BlueDental coverage, claims will automatically cross over from the FEP Service Benefit Plan to FEP BlueDental for processing. Claims will not cross over when another carrier (non-Blue) plan is involved.   

To verify enrollment, or if you have questions about coverage or a claim payment, you must contact FEP BlueDental at 855-504-2583. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska (BCBSNE) does not have access to claims payment or enrollment information for FEP BlueDental members.  

The dentist must promptly inform BCBSNE of any event which may adversely reflect upon professional competence, ethics or other qualifications as a NEtwork BLUE Dental provider, in accordance with the NEtwork BLUE Dental Provider Agreement.  

The dentist agrees to complete treatment in progress and accept BCBSNE reimbursement for that case if they terminate participation as a NEtwork BLUE dentist.  

When FEP is the secondary payer, the dental claim must be filed to the primary carrier first.  

A participating NEtwork BLUE dentist has agreed to accept the NEtwork BLUE Dental allowable as payment in full for an FEP patient. Therefore, the dentist needs to collect the difference between the amount paid by FEP and the PPO amount or their charge, whichever is less.