Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska Centre at sunset.

Our Company

At Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska (BCBSNE) we combine intelligence with agility to make a purposeful impact. One of our foundational strengths is recurring, exponential innovation. Because we’re local, we’re able to quickly implement, test and refine solutions. Because we’re national, the infrastructure necessary to speed solutions to our members is already in place. While we’re innovating new health coverage solutions, we’re also constantly optimizing existing processes to ensure we’re continually driving improved care delivery, lower costs and better overall population health.


Living a fearless life is easier when you have a partner in courage. Our leaders work to ensure that BCBSNE serves as that partner for Nebraskans. Our leaders provide the insight, guidance, direction and empowerment to best serve our members.


BCBSNE has provided health care coverage and peace of mind for 80 years. As part of a nationwide association, the Blue Cross and Blue Shield brand represents the nation's largest and most experienced health care benefit companies. As a Nebraska-based company, we focus on the employee health benefit needs of our fellow Nebraskans.

Compliance and Ethics

At BCBSNE, ethical and compliant business practices are everyone’s responsibility. Led by our Compliance Officer, we follow the principles outlined in our Code of Business Conduct so that our everyday workplace behavior continues to position us as a leader in corporate governance and ethics.

Ratings and Accreditation

We know trust is not given easily. We work to earn your continued trust through measured and proven security, quality and financial stability. Various ratings agencies and measures provide the benchmarks for our continued credibility. We’re proud to share the accreditations that back our fearless mission.