Accumulators Process

Thank you for bringing new group business to BCBSNE! As you continue to sell Blue, please keep our updated prior carrier deductible and out-of-pocket accumulators process in mind:

  • To help ensure we properly credit accumulators in a timely manner, please ask your groups to enter their accumulator information in our
    spreadsheet template. In addition, we will no longer credit accumulators from Explanations of Benefits, except for immediate pharmacy needs. 
  • Once we receive the report from the prior carrier, we enter the accumulators in our system. This typically happens 30-45 days after the group’s effective date.
  • This process applies to all lines of group business: fully insured, level funded and self funded.

We appreciate your help in getting the correct accumulator information to us. If you have questions, please contact a member of your BCBSNE account management team.