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Individual Health Policies

Armor Health

Give your clients access to the largest nationwide network with Armor Health.

Nebraskans have an ACA-alternative option for health care coverage called Armor Health. Armor Health has competitive rates, benefits similar to ACA plans and provides the same access to doctors and hospitals in our nationwide network. Watch the Armor Health Product overview webinar »

Armor Health 2021 re-enrollment

Re-enrollment will start on Oct. 1, 2020. All eligible Armor Health members whose coverage is effective Jan. 1, 2020 – Dec. 31, 2020, will be able to re-enroll in a new 12-month contract through their agent. The re-enrollment offers for your clients will be available in your Broker Business Portal (BBP) dashboard. Re-enrollment reminder letters will be mailed the week of Nov. 16 for members with a Jan. 1, 2021, effective date. To re-enroll these members, log in to your BBP dashboard to review their re-enrollment (offers/declines, plan options and rates) and elect their coverage for 2021.

Re-enrollment letters will be mailed the week of Nov. 30 to members with a March effective date. Re-enrollment letters will continue to be mailed monthly. Check your Tumbleweed account for a copy of the letters and check your BBP dashboard timer by effective date. 

If any your clients are declined, we suggest responding as follows. Find this and other talking points in the Armor Health Re-enrollment Frequently Asked Questions.

The re-enrollment offer and rate are based on gender, age, geographic area, health status and medical history. Medical Underwriting examines all claim history in the rate analysis, and, therefore, rates are not eligible for appeal. Medical records will not be requested or reviewed at re-enrollment. Member Services can provide an itemized claim list, but will not be able to discuss specific medical conditions that caused the rate increase or denial.
Re-enrollment Materials

The BBP instructional video for re-enrollments and the  BBP re-enrollment user guide are available to help you with upcoming re-enrollments that will be available in the BBP next week.

Armor Health 2021 broker bonus

Get a $25 per member per year bonus for Armor Health new sales and re-enrollments.
Download the flier to see terms and conditions

Armor Health Applications

2021 Armor Health Application
2020 Armor Health Application
Note: All applications must be submitted online. Please use this printed application with your clients if you find it helpful. Paper applications will only be accepted when adding a dependent to an existing policy.

Armor Health Child-Only Attestation
Note: Please attach this attestation to the child-only application in the Broker Business Portal.

COVID-19 Question Added to Armor Health Application 

A question about COVID-19 has been added to the Armor Health application. This question is mandatory. Answering “yes” does not result in an automatic denial, but medical records may be requested.  

The question is: 

Have you or any person named in this application been hospitalized for complications arising from SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus) or the COVID-19 disease? Yes/No 

  1. Individual hospitalized: _____________ 
  2. Dates of hospitalization: Admission Date _____ Discharge Date _____ 
  3. Was the individual placed on a ventilator? 
Armor Health Medical Records Requests

If we require medical information not indicated on the application or if medical verification on the details of a condition are required, we will request records. 

Improved Communication Process:
  • Brokers will receive an email from the Underwriting department alerting them to the need for additional information. This now includes the Underwriting email address and the mailing address and reflects the need for information to be submitted within 30 days of the date of the email.
  • Brokers will now see a pending task on their BBP dashboard alerting them to the need for additional information and the date the request was sent to their client.
  • Once medical records are received, the underwriter will review them and provide a quote on the BBP within 1-2 business days, 3-5 business days during peak season. 
BBP Enhancements

Now available: Armor Health child-only applications to the BBP
You are able to submit Armor Health child-only applications on the BBP. During the application acceptance process, a pdf authorization form will need to be completed with the parent or guardian’s signature before the application can be submitted for processing. 

Process change for Armor Health continuation of coverage
The business process for continuing coverage once a limiting age is reached has been changed effective Jan. 1, 2020:

  • Members turning age 26 will be allowed to continue their coverage on their own plan.
  • Any dependents on a plan where the subscriber will be turning 65 will be allowed to continue coverage under their own plan.

Member Services will reach out to anyone impacted by this process change. No action is required on your part.

Using the Broker Business Portal (BBP) Tutorial

Broker Business Portal Armor Health User Guide
Broker Business Portal Armor Health Enhancements - March 2020

You will need to log back into the Broker Business Portal to check application status.

To purchase dental coverage with Armor Health for Jan. 1, 2020, please fill out a dental application found in the Broker Business Portal under "tools and resources" or view dental plans.

Sales and Marketing Materials