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Medicare Plans

With an expanded product portfolio, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska (BCBSNE) has a Medicare solution for your clients including Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement and Medicare Prescription Drug plans.

Download the Individual Admin Guide

New Electronic Functionalities for Medicare Applications

2021 Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage applications can now be signed by your client and submitted electronically.

The new features include:

  • A personalized agent landing page for DRX Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement portals
  • The ability to send a scope of appointment via text or email
  • A new 2021 Medicare Advantage electronic signature/application to consumer

To learn more about completing the e-app process, view the  10-minute broker tutorial below.


We understand there may be questions about enrollment options for Medicare beneficiaries during this time. While the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) have not released modified sales and marketing guidance as it pertains to COVID-19 and enrollment, the enrollment options below fit within the guidance and may be used. 

Medicare Advantage Plans

BCBSNE's Medicare Advantage plans combine hospital, medical and prescription drug coverage benefits all in one complete plan for your clients. Looking to sell BCBSNE Medicare Advantage plans? Email GetStarted@NebraskaBlue.com.

Enrollment Links

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2021 Medicare Advantage Plans (DRX)
2021 Medicare Advantage Enrollment Form – Access and Core
2021 Medicare Advantage Enrollment Form – Choice

COVID-19 Enrollment Procedures for Medicare Advantage Plans

BCBSNE now accepts a scope of appointment (SOA) through email and voice messaging.

Electronic SOA: At the beginning of the appointment, you can share the electronic SOA by sending the template from an email address that clearly identifies you as the agent (i.e., firstname.lastname@gmail.com). The beneficiary will need to respond, and you will need to maintain a copy of the electronic SOA for 10+ years.
Download the email template

Voice SOA: At the beginning of the appointment, you can call 877-632-5837 and leave a voicemail with the beneficiary. You will need to record the verbally agreed upon scope and the beneficiary’s agreement to hear plan options. This will be maintained by BCBSNE for 10+ years.
Download the verbal script

Marketing Materials available to download:
Helpful Resources

Enrollment Status: 888-860-4335
Member Services: 888-488-9850
DRX Technical Questions: DrxAdmin@bcbsm.com

Provider/Pharmacy Check: Don't see a provider or pharmacy listed in the directory? Email MedAdv@NebraskaBlue.com

If you are interested in ordering MA fulfillment kits or additional marketing material please work directly with your GA.

Plan Information
Plan Forms and Policies
Prescription Drug Coverage Forms and Policies
Payment Forms/Assistance
Confidential and Representative Forms and Policies
Helpful Resources

Medicare Supplement Plans

BCBSNE Medicare Supplement plans help cover the gaps that Original Medicare doesn’t cover.

Individual Enrollment

Start enrolling clients in Medicare Supplement.
2021 Medicare Supplement Plans (DRX)

COVID-19 Enrollment Procedures for Medicare Supplement Plans

The phone application process for Medicare Supplement plans has not changed; an SOA is still not required if only Medicare Supplement options are discussed.

Additional enrollment options:

  • Direct enrollment by the beneficiary
  • Paper-to-online submission

Only plan changes which require underwriting are eligible for an Agent of Record (AOR) change. In order to change the agent of record, please take the following steps:

  1. Submit a new application through DRX.
  2. Complete and submit the  Medicare Supplement Agent of Record Form prior to the effective date of the plan change. The form can be faxed or emailed to IndContractInstallation@NebraskaBlue.com or faxed to 402-548-4665.

If the application is approved, the new AOR will become effective the same day as the new plan. Applicable commissions will be paid to the new agent per current commission guidelines.


Enrollment questions, including password resets: 888-232-0942 or BrokerServices@NebraskaBlue.com or fax 402-392-4150.

Customer Service: 888-592-8961 or fax 402-392-4153

Prescription Drug Plan

BCBSNE Prescription Drug plans, MedicareBlueSM Solutions, help cover the cost of your client's medications.

COVID-19 Enrollment Procedures for MedicareBlue Rx

MedicareBlue Rx has a variety of options for enrollment, including:

  • Direct enrollment by the beneficiary
  • Paper-to-online submission
  • Direct paper to plan by enrollee

For more information,  please review the April 9, 2020 agent alert