Termination of Fully Insured Groups With Unpaid Invoices

Please be aware that if your group is fully insured and your premium payment is not applied to your group’s account within 31 days of the due date, your contract will be retroactively terminated effective the last day of the paid-to month of coverage.

Bills are sent the month prior to the coverage month being invoiced and include any retro adjustments. Payments are due by the date listed on the invoice and are allowed a 31-day grace period. For example, we will bill in October for November coverage. Payment will be due by Nov. 1. If we do not receive payment by Dec. 1, your group’s contract will be terminated effective Nov. 1. 

If we do not receive payment by five days after the due date, we will send a reminder letter to you. If we do not receive payment by 15 days after the due date, we will send a delinquent letter to you with a copy to the broker on file.

Please ensure that your bill is paid in full each month by the end of the grace period to avoid termination. Any membership adjustments will be reflected on the next billing cycle and should not be adjusted from the current billed premium. 

If your group is terminated for nonpayment, you may request a one-time reinstatement review. 

If you have questions, please contact your insurance agent/broker or a member of your BCBSNE account management team.