Locum Tenens

Policy Number: GP-P-020

Last Updated: Oct. 6, 2022 

Locum tenens is a person who is temporarily fulfilling the duties and responsibilities of an office in the absence of the appointed holder of that office, often used for a physician who substitutes for another physician.  

When locum tenens is used, bill services under the physician who is temporarily gone. Likewise, if a physician is serving as locum tenens for a midlevel practitioner, bill the services under the midlevel practitioner who is temporarily absent.  

The contracting status of the physician/practitioner under whose name the services are being billed will be used for claim payment. Payment for locum tenens will only be made if there is an actual substitution for an in-network provider.  

If the substitution lasts for more than 90 days, the physician filling in needs to be credentialed. Locum tenens is not a new permanent physician or a physician going through credentialing.