Provider Contacts

Use the first three digits of your ZIP code or the Physician Hospital Organization (PHO) to identify your provider executive below.

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ALL CLAIMS QUESTIONS (30 DAYS FROM SUBMISSION) SHOULD BE FIRST ADDRESSED USING NAVINET. You can check claims status by searching for the claim. If you are unable to obtain the status, for Federal Employee Plan claim inquiries only, you can inquire about a claim online. For all others, please utilize the "Investigate" button on the top of the claim status results page. 

FOR IDENTIFIED CLAIM TRENDS OR ESCALATIONS: Please contact the CSC Provider team at include Claim Investigation reference number or call reference number from CSC and/or the reason NaviNet was not successful. You can use the date and time you submitted the Claim Investigation as your reference until a response is received. 


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Administrative Updates/Secure Forms for Providers 

(Examples: EFT, change of address or demographics, add or term providers, etc.)

FOR FEP QUESTIONS: Please contact FEP Customer Service using the inquiry form or by calling 402-390-1879 or 800-223-5584.


HIGHMARK PRIOR AUTHORIZATIONS: Prior authorization requests for Highmark members can be submitted via NaviNet under Pre-Service Review for              Out of Area Members. 
          If your office is unable to submit the prior authorization request via NaviNet, please fax your prior authorization request to the appropriate area

Type of Request Fax Number 
Inpatient requests  800-416-9195
Outpatient requests  888-236-6321
Medical injectable drugs
 For escalations, please send an email to


Jennifer Drew

Providers, Specialties and Dentists: ZIP codes starting with 688, 690, 691, 692, 693, Children’s Hospital & Medical Center and Veteran’s Affairs
Phone: 402-982-6073

Loraine Miller

Providers and Specialties: Methodist, Nebraska Medicine and Nebraska Health Network
Phone: 402-982-8321

Jessica (Medura) Bailey

Providers and Specialties: Bryan Health, Bryan Health Connect, CHI and Uninet
Phone: 402-982-7857

Leigh Ingraldi

Providers, Specialties and Dentists: ZIP codes starting with 680, 683, 684, 685 and Madonna
Phone: 402-982-8753

Tawny Archer

Providers, Specialties and DentistsZIP codes starting with 681, 686, 687, 689, BoysTown, Secure Care and National Providers

Phone: 402-982-8419

Mailing Address:

PO Box 3248, Omaha, NE 68180-0001

Toll Free Number:



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Updated 08/9/23