Drug Formulary

The Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska (BCBSNE) drug formulary is a list of drugs that are covered under our plans. Formulary drugs are medications recommended by the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee. These drugs are selected based on a quality evaluation of safety, effectiveness, unique qualities and cost.

Generics Plus

Some BCBSNE plans offer the Generics Plus formulary. You can visit www.myprime.com to search the online formulary or download it here.

IMPORTANT: The formulary may be updated at any time without notice. Please be aware that including a medication on the formulary does not ensure coverage.

Formulary Review Requests (Non-Medicare Only)

Physicians and other health care professionals may ask for a product to be added to the formulary. Please provide clinical studies, safety data, unique qualities, etc. to support your recommendation. Also, please let us know if the formulary review was requested by a pharmaceutical representative. Send your request to:

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska
Attn: Pharmacy Director
1919 Aksarben Drive
P.O. Box 3248
Omaha, NE 68180-0001

Oral Oncology Medications

Beginning October 1, 2012, benefits for orally administered cancer drugs will change for some benefit plans. A listing of these oral oncology medications can be found here.