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Effective April 1, 2024, BCBSNE will no longer make updates from forms or emails. Changes must be submitted and attested to in the CAQH Provider Data Portal.

What information do I need to keep updated in CAQH?

  • Name
  • Address
  • Office locations
  • Phone and fax number for the specific practice location
  • Accepting new patients
  • Email address
  • Languages spoken
  • NPI
  • Specialties
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Information and Updates

No, CAQH updates are currently specific to practitioners.

Any provider that is participating with BCBSNE and has a CAQH ID/Profile has to give access through CAQH in order for BCBSNE to access their data. If you are receiving this email, then you have a CAQH profile, and you do not have access set up for BCBSNE to retrieve your data.

What if I am a delegated provider and my updates are being sent to BCBSNE through separate process – do I need to change CAQH process?
You only need to update access through CAQH if you want your updates to come through that portal instead of the process your delegation has set up.

What if I don’t respond to this email to set up access? Do I run the risk of being termed?
If you are a delegated provider, you do not run the risk of being termed, because your delegation has a process set up for updates and 90-day audit reviews.

If you are contracted and credentialed through BCBSNE and don’t authorize them to access information from CAQH, then your data won’t be updated. If you don’t review your profile and attest to it every 90-days, then you will be at risk for termination as that is a federal requirement.

Provider and Practice Managers

Hours of operation: Monday-Friday 8am-8pm (ET)

Telephone: 888-599-1771

Chat hours of operation: Monday-Friday 8am-6:30pm (ET)

Chat automation hours of operation: 24/7

Chat URL:

BCBSNE in-network providers are required to verify demographic data every 90 days. Attesting to your information in CAQH replaces the requirement to review your provider directory information in NaviNet®.

Those updates would be passed to BCBSNE and update the profile that BCBSNE has for that provider.

Demographic changes will be updated in the provider directory within 48-hours from submission. Please allow up to 30 days for taxonomy, NPI, provider type and location updates. New taxonomies will be prioritized if recredentialing is needed.
You can access Find an In-Network Doctor, Hospital or Clinic to view your information in the provider directory.

There no changes to the processes below. The appropriate instructions and forms can be found in NaviNet.

  • Adding or updating EFT information
  • Adding or updating ERA information
  • Terminating all locations 
  • Adding Provisional Providers RBT's and BCaBA's
  • Updating information for facilities/institutions
CAQH Provider Portal FAQs

Providers will need to refer to for credentialing requirements. The initial credentialing and re-credentialing processes have not changed.

We do not currently utilize CAQH for other entities – just professionals/practitioners.

No. Providers still need to complete our Credentialing Requirements listed under our Credentialing Section.

Credentialing Information for Providers

Access is in CAQH under “Authorize”.

Effective dates are honored the date the request was received and or the date requested on the update.

We will not backdate.

Updates requested for future dates will go by the requested date.

Updates can be made by updating your CAQH Provider Profile and clicking "Review & Attest".

If there are no changes to be made, you will need to notify quarterly by confirming your practice locations and clicking "Review & Attest".

  • Name
  • Address
  • Office Locations
  • Phone and Fax Number for your specific practice
  • Location
  • Accepting New Patients
  • Email Address
  • Languages Spoken
  • NPI
  • Specialties

For example, a provider with Select Choice joins a TIN who does not yet have that contract. Are they still in network with Select? We rely on those approval letters to be certain. 

When a provider extends to a new practice and that TIN is already is participating with BCBSNE, the practitioner will get added to that TIN and receive the networks that are already established under that TIN.

When a provider extends to a new practice and that TIN is not participating with BCBSNE, the provider data specialists will still handle the contracting the same as it today, by reaching out and getting the necessary agreements needed.

NaviNet Quarterly rosters are posted every 90 days and is the data that is currently in BCBSNE’s provider data system. If the provider terms in CAQH due to retiring or moving locations, the CAQH data will update our provider data system, and then when the next quarterly roster comes out on NaviNet, that provider should no longer be showing at that TIN if they termed.

Yes. Providers can archive a location. If you are archiving a location be sure to add your new or current location at the same time. Do not do this in separate requests.

Please ensure you are clicking "Review & Attest" after each update is made.

Provider Data Portal Review & Test

Updated every 90 days and is available to download via NaviNet

For additional guidance, see the eLearning videos.

Please check Happening Now for any CAQH updates.