New out-of-network facility in Millard

Millard Family Hospital, LLC and Millard Emergency Physicians, PLLC have constructed a 24-hour hospital facility and emergency room (ER) at 144th Street and Stony Brook Boulevard in Omaha. This facility is out of network for BCBSNE members.

It's out-of-network status means there are no negotiated reimbursement rates with BCBSNE.

The facility and doctors may bill BCBSNE members for any amount they choose.

BCBSNE members seeking non-emergency services at the facility will be responsible for the full amount charged by the hospital and doctors. Instead of reimbursing the hospital or doctors, BCBSNE will reimburse members directly – at the out-of-network rate. Members are then responsible for paying the hospital or doctor the full amount they charge, which may be more than what BCBSNE reimburses the member.

It's a little different for emergency care

The Affordable Care Act requires insurance carriers to cover emergency care as if it’s in network, regardless of whether the emergency care is obtained at an in-network or an out-of-network facility. BCBSNE will reimburse members for emergency care received at Millard Family Hospital at the in-network level of benefits. The facility can still bill BCBSNE members for charges beyond the BCBSNE payment.

To find in-network providers, BCBSNE members may access their account or use the Find a Doctor tool. There are in-network hospitals and doctors within 10 minutes of the new out-of-network facility.