Parents and daughter walking outside in the fall with their dog.
Parents and daughter walking outside in the fall with their dog.

Individual and Family Health Plans

Armor Health

Armor Health is a flexible and budget-friendly alternative to traditional Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans. Call our health insurance experts at 888-926-1203 or request a quote online to get started.

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Offering 12 months of coverage, Armor Health is a great option for people who:
  • Aren’t receiving a subsidy on an ACA plan
  • Are looking for affordable major medical coverage
  • Are looking for an alternative to COBRA
  • Are a small business owner looking for coverage for four employees or less
  • Temporarily unemployed
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100% Preventive coverage

$0 Preferred
generic drugs

Nationwide coverage

Pre-existing covered (12-month waiting period1)

Armor Health Option 1

$2,500 Individual
$5,000 Family

This policy includes higher premium costs than Option 2 or 3 but offers the lowest out-of-pocket costs. 
Armor Health Option 2

$5,000 Individual
$10,000 Family

Premium costs for this option are lower than Option 1 with slightly higher out-of-pocket costs.
Armor Health Option 3

$7,500 Individual
$15,000 Family

This option has the lowest premium costs, but out-of-pocket costs will be higher when you receive care.