Reporting Health Insurance Fraud

What is insurance fraud?

Health care fraud is intentionally making any false statement or misrepresentation on a claim, billing, receipt or any other associated materials with the intent of obtaining unwarranted payment. The cost of health care fraud affects everyone.

How to report suspected health care fraud

If you suspect health care fraud against Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska, let us know. All reports are confidential. Contact our Special Investigations Unit if:

  • someone uses an expired Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska I.D. card
  • a person loans an I.D. card to a person not entitled to it
  • someone adds another person not eligible for coverage on his or her Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska membership

A discrepancy between your records and the member’s records does not automatically mean fraud has been committed. It could be a simple error. Notify our Special Investigations Unit about the discrepancy so we can determine if genuine fraud has been committed.

Contact Us

Fill in the online form and send it to us electronically. This form is both secure and encrypted; our system won’t see your e-mail address.

Call the confidential fraud hotline at (877) 632-2583 Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.